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Video Tape in the most common formats have been around since the late Seventies. The rated life of tape if stored correctly is between 10 and 30 years. Tape also suffers the risk of being recorded over, mechanically Damaged (Chewed), Mold attack and more. Getting your valuable memories onto DVD is very important.
VHS, SVHS, VHSc, BETAMAX, BETACAM, 8MM, HI-8 We will take your priceless Video Tape memories from all formats and convert them to an easy to watch  any time on DVD Disc. Fully Presented & Produced in a Beautiful Cover with Images from the film and easy to select scene Selection we pride ourselves on our Quality and presentation. Inexpensive additional copies of your memories are also available at any time forever. You may also opt for the economy Basic Straight Copy Choice. Please read the following Guide for more information or call us anytime. More Questions ? try our easy Help Page
We charge by each hour or part of one hour. We can fit to a Maximum of 4 Hours to 1 x DVD. Multiple Tapes up to 4 can be fitted to 1 x DVD. If the above happens then a Menu for Tape Selection will be Provided.
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