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We have five senses sight, (vision eyes) hearing, (sound audio ears) Touch, (feel) Taste & Smell. Our major triggers for memories are our visual and audio memories. Most of us assist our memory buy saving images and video to various media. We also record our Audio memories to Magnetic media like Audio Cassettes  and the earlier Reel to Reel tape recorders. Vinyl Records later replaced by Audio Cassettes then CD or Audio Compact Discs. Melodies and Tunes from our past can instantly transport us to yesteryear. Even more precious, from the 40’s, 50’s & 60’s where the family message tapes mostly used to send audio letters overseas. These have been retained and can be again loved by transferring  to digital media. The voices of perhaps long lost loved ones will again fill your lounge rooms with some bitter sweet moments.
Your Audio Media can be saved to Compact Disc (CD) as a common CD Wave File to play in your CD player. Or, you may wish it to be saved to a USB drive stick or again a CD as an MP3 File (.mp3).