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For the First time we are now able to Preserve
Memories For Ever
Photographic Images will fade, or get wrinkled, creased or ripped. Today We Restore Digitize and Reprint.
Cine Film Fades, breaks down becomes torn and worn. We can now turn it into a modern Movie on DVD.
Video Tape like VHS & Beta etc is not lasting as long as film, this too can be digitized and represented onto
a fully produced DVD.
Audio Reel to Reel & cassettes become crisp new vibrant recordings onto Audio Cd’s. All of your precious
memories can now be preserved and also copied so that you can share with other Family members.
For services like the Conversion of Cine Film, Standard and Super 8mm, 16mm and 9.5mm,
Video Tape formats, VHS Beta VHSc and HI-8 American or other NTSC tapes converted to Australian PAL
on DVD Digital Format in Mini Dv, 8mm and others. Video Tape Repair and Salvage prior to Conversion
35mm Color Slides and Photos presented as slide shows on DVD. Digital Media Mini DVD, Mpeg4, Divx,
Quicktime Movies USB Drives & Cards. Contents of Hard Drive Cameras to DVD. Also Recovering data from
unfinalized Camcorder or DVD Recorder Discs. The upload of your Media and Management to YouTube
Vinyl Records, Reel to Reel Audio Tape, Cassette Audio Tapes to Audio CD Negatives in any size or format.
Also Photo Restoration, Manipulation, Coloration, Family Photo Collage, Putting Folk Together or extracting
people or Items from Scenes.
Our Memories are our
most Precious
Possession ,they make
us what we are...
As we travel through our lives we
accumulate not just memories,
but physical reminders of our
most precious and meaning full
These take the form of
Photographic Images, Moving
Video Moments in Film, Tape or
now Digital. Early memories were
also Recorded to Audio Tape as
Cassettes in the 70’s or on Reels
for the 50’s & 60’s
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